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Prize draws

Below you will find full details of the current prize draws that are active on the Talk on Water community.

Monthly prize draw

All members of the Talk on Water community who contribute in a given month will be automatically entered into the Talk on Water monthly prize draw. ‘Contribution’ includes creating a discussion, commenting on a discussion, voting on a poll, commenting on a poll or completing a survey within that calendar month. 'Contribution' must comply with the Talk on Water guidelines to be accepted and considered valid for entry into the prize draw.

This prize draw is carried out on or before the 7th of each month, e.g. a member who is contributes in January will be entered into the monthly prize draw which would be announced in February.

The monthly prize constitutes of an Amazon voucher, value between £10-£30, and cannot be exchanged for any cash value. The value and nature of the prize is subject to change and may be withdrawn at any time.

The winner will be generated within the first week of each month at random by Explain using computer software.

The winning user will receive a notification email from Explain to their Talk on Water registered email address on or before the 14th of the month. The winning user will be asked to confirm the email address for receipt of the Amazon voucher.

The winner will have until the 29th of the same month to respond to the Explain notification email. If a user does not respond to the notification email within this time frame the prize will be re-administered using this same randomised process.

Adhoc prize draw

There are currently no adhoc prize draws active on the Talk on Water community.

Publication of prize draw winners

All prize draw winners have the right to remain anonymous, therefore the details of the prize draw winners will not be publicised without the express permission of the winner.

Prize draw winners may be contacted directly by Explain at their Talk on Water community registered email address to request permission to publish their name and an attributable comment. This information would be shared solely with Talk on Water community members via publication on the Talk on Water site and via email notification.

*Please note member interaction will be quality reviewed by the Explain moderators. Where it is determined the interactions have not been genuine, we will withdraw the incentive and redistribute to a member who has passed quality checking.